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How and with what to clean hard or burned fat

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10 Thu 2018 andrei Comments: 0

For starters, it has to be said that it is better to prevent the accumulation of fat on the stove or in the oven. So, the first golden rule for you is to clean the cooker after each use, so you will avoid going crazy with fat. But, if you are already in the situation where burned or hardened fat has taken over your household appliance, here is how and what you can clean it with!


For burned fat:

It is advisable not to use an abrasive sponge, since rubbing will scratch the enamel. Prepare warm water where you can pour a few drops of liquid detergent to remove grease and then remove the burned fat off the stove with a soft cloth.

For hardened fat:

Sprinkle the sodium bicarbonate over the hardened fat, and then spray hot water over it. Let the solution work for 12 hours, and then remove the hardened fat off the stove with a soft cloth. Surely the results will enjoy you!

Furnace Glass:

Another problem you’ve faced with is definitely the oven glass. It adds an enormous amount of hardened fat, and cleaning it is a real nightmare!

To get rid of it easily and efficiently, prepare a paste made from bicarbonate and lemon juice. Once the solution is ready, apply it all over the window and let it work for 30 minutes. Then use a sponge to remove it!

The Grill:

The grill is part of the oven, so it will be under the reign of fat! To get rid of the chaotic rubbing of the bars, all you have to do is dip it in a solution made up from bicarbonate and hot water.

In the following picture, after a request for home cleaning, we present our results in the fight with fat burning and hardening.



Inside the oven:

Because it is a closed space that you use to prepare various types of food, it is extremely important not to clean it with chemicals! The smell emanating from the chemicals will remain in the oven which will then alter the taste of the food, so it’s best to use a natural solution like mentioned before! Two things you cannot miss out on in the kitchen!

To enjoy more time with home appliances, learn that their life can be extended if regular maintenance is done, so we can do it for you!

10 Thu 2018 andrei
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