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Cleaning your shower/bathtub is not always easy …

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17 Sun 2018 andrei Comments: 0

The bathtub and shower cabin get dirty very easily and sometimes even if you clean them frequently, you can face stains and unsightly areas. You just have to put into practice little tricks to clean.


Know your bathtub

Your bathtub can be affected by the products you use, which may cause your bathtub to have scratches, stains etc.

  • The porcelain tub is the most durable and can be cleaned with both abrasive powder and commercial solutions.
  • For the email bathtub, it’s best not to use bleach or other aggressive solutions because the material can easily get stains.
  • The acrylic bath is very easy to maintain, as the residue is removed quickly. In this case, you should avoid using abrasive dusts as the material can scratch.

Remove limestone and deposits of soap with vinegar

If you have vinegar in the house, you can already think that your job is half done. Vinegar very well cleans soap deposits on the tub and shower, and also removes limestone. Fill a bottle with vinegar and spray the liquid on the surface of the batch, but also on the shower cabin. Let the vinegar act for a quarter of an hour, then, with a damp cloth, rub the walls of the bathtub and the shower cabin well. Rinse everything thoroughly with water and done, everything is clean. This procedure should be repeated weekly.


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  • Get rid of yellow stains with salt. Has your emailed bathtub started to get unsightly yellowish stamps that are stubborn to appear despite the expensive solutions you use? Why not use salt and turpentine? Mix the two ingredients in equal parts and, with a sponge, rub the whole stain. Take care to protect your hands with gloves and ventilate the bath during operation, because turpentine has a strong odour. Rinse the tub thoroughly after cleaning it.


  • Clean the residue with sodium bicarbonate. For an enamel bathtub you can use sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide. Mix the two ingredients in equal parts and apply the solution on the surface of the tub, insisting where the residues are more resistant. Leave the sodium bicarbonate to act for an hour, then rub the bathtub well and rinse it.


  • Last but not least, if you have mould stains at the joints of the cabin or the shower cabin, use a mixture of essential oil and essential oil of tea tree, which you let go for a few hours.


17 Sun 2018 andrei
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